Loss of Motivation in Online Interactions

For the past 6-8 months anyone who knew me online, has probably seen my withdrawal from online communities. Starting with my wiki and eventually ending up with my absence from Micro.blog and a number of forum type sites. I’m really not sure what happened, but mid-2018 to mid-2019, I was all in. Then the summer of 2019 hit and everything started changing for me in my personal and professional life. I live in a beach town and spend almost all my free time on the water in the summer.

Finally Understand Resilio Sync

After stating that I was moving on from Resilio Sync, I finally grasped its usefulness this past weekend. Over the weekend I was looking to move some preference sync files out of iCloud, mainly because I was never supposed to put them there, but I hadn’t had an issue yet so I left them there far longer than I should. Nothing happened to them, but I was reading a post on the MPU Talk Forum and found this paragraph by TJ Luoma:

MailMate Bundles

One of my favorite features of MailMate is sharing bundles. They are basically actions that allow you to quickly send the current email or emails to another application. One of my more frequently used action is the ability to quickly send an email to my Task Manager, for Todoist, it adds a link in the task title, in OmniFocus it adds the link in the task notes. The link can be opened on macOS and iOS, without MailMate, because it uses the default Apple Mail message URL.

Writing and Motivation

It’s easy to get into a writing rut. I’ve done it many times before where I want to write a blog post, but I can’t get the words out due to a lack of motivation. Eventually, whether it’s days or weeks, the feeling goes away, and I can write. I hate that about myself, but I also know I can’t promise I will get better at keeping the posting motivation.

Thoughts on Resilio Sync

Andrew Canion recently posted about using Resilio Sync as a Dropbox replacement. So naturally I installed it on my Synology and tested it out. TLDR; Sync wasn’t fast and I’m testing Synology Drive. Initial Reaction When I first installed Resilio, I immediately did the wrong thing, which was to set it up, then create folders in the local client on my Mac instead of in the Web GUI. After a few tries I eventually figured out the best way was to create the folders in the GUI, because it keeps the read/write permissions correct when syncing.

Thoughts on Micro.blog

Recently I’ve seen a few different threads on Micro.blog regarding finding niche topics/sub-communities. The chief complaint is the discoverability of the platform. I agree that discoverability is an issue, but I also know that there are sub-communities out there for different people. I only say this because I often go down the rabbit hole in the Discover section and see someone of interest to me, then check who they are following that I am not, and 20 minutes later I am 8 layers deep and find myself in a completely different community than the one I see and interact with daily.

Thoughts on Hugo

Publishing with Hugo is a little more complicated, and therefore I’ve decided only long-form posts will be posted to this Hugo site. I am also going to be posting tutorials and reference material that I previously posted to the Blot blog. Smaller posts and of course, Micro posts, will all stay on the Blot blog. If David or Jack port the Jane theme to blot, then I will probably change back to Blot for long-form posts.

Hugo Site is Live

Live on Hugo with Jane Theme I’ve finally deployed a Hugo site with Netlify and Github. I did so thanks to these posts: Ec-static - How to go Hugo - Bryce Wray Publish or perish - Going live with your Hugo site - Bryce Wray Special mention for Jack Baty whom I was able to get a couple lines of the TOML from to get rid of the annoying author box at the bottom of posts.

My Mac Toolbox

I wanted to expand on the list of hardware and software I use to get my work done. Hardware The hardware I use daily (or almost daily) to get my professional and personal work done. Mac Pro Late 2013 Model One for the office and one at home HP Z2 Mini Workstation (at work) iPad Pro 12.9 256GB iPhone XS Max 256GB ScanSnap ix1500 Synology DS418play Synology DS1918+ Software Email I use Fastmail as an email provider with a custom domain.

Your Task Manager as a Read Later Service

OmniFocus as a Read Later Service - Matt Birchler → Ok, hear me out, but I’ve been using OmniFocus as my “read later” service for about a month and it’s kind of working great for me. In January, I made the switch to using Todoist, my task manager, as my read later service, and I have had the same experience. I’m never anywhere without internet, and Safari Reader View is excellent about showing only the content I want to read so the advantages that Pocket/Instapaper/DEVONthink offered of offline storage and simplified view were negated.