Publishing with Hugo is a little more complicated, and therefore I’ve decided only long-form posts will be posted to this Hugo site.

I am also going to be posting tutorials and reference material that I previously posted to the Blot blog. Smaller posts and of course, Micro posts, will all stay on the Blot blog. If David or Jack port the Jane theme to blot, then I will probably change back to Blot for long-form posts. Currently, I like the Jane theme and think it fits long form posts well.

We’ll see how long this lasts, or if I get tired of using Git to publish, but right now it’s a perfect fit for what I want to accomplish. I’m thrilled with the code blocks with syntax highlighting as well.

When used with Netlify, a Hugo site will stay live even if you mess up a commit or screw up the config. It won’t allow you to add content until you fix it, but Netlify will keep the previous good build published until a new good build can be published, which I appreciate. Another thing Hugo allows is the ability to publish the site locally so you can check for errors before making a commit, or see how a post will look in the live site. With Blot, I had to have a separate test blog, which I was/am happy to pay for to support ongoing development. I know Blot has the static HTML file you can use with a draft post, but it’s nice to be able to see live changes immediately after saving.

Overall, I’m pleased with Hugo and can’t wait to start publishing more long-form posts, this may be the push I need to publish one or more long-form post a week, but as always I’m making no promises.