For the past 6-8 months anyone who knew me online, has probably seen my withdrawal from online communities. Starting with my wiki and eventually ending up with my absence from and a number of forum type sites.

I’m really not sure what happened, but mid-2018 to mid-2019, I was all in. Then the summer of 2019 hit and everything started changing for me in my personal and professional life. I live in a beach town and spend almost all my free time on the water in the summer. Last year was no different, although I did have a number of friends from high school move back now that they were able to afford living in this area again. So my summer was incredibly busy getting back in touch with friends, I don’t think there was a Thursday-Sunday night I didn’t have plans last summer. All of this made getting back into the swing of interacting online tough and to be honest it did not have as big of a pull as I had before the summer. It was unfortunate, because I enjoy the interactions I had with many people in the community, the personal wiki group, and the forums.

Starting in September, I started a new position in the same company I worked for now as full Systems Administrator, no longer specifically an Office 365 administrator. Therefore, my life was a whole lot busier in the fall as we had multiple projects to finish and the largest one, migrating all employee accounts to Office 365, took about 3 months to complete. We are finally in the end stages of that project, decommissioning local Exchange happened this past Friday and I feel a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. The next project, which will be far less stressful is the migration from a local Skype for Business environment to Microsoft Teams.

I’m not going to promise I’ll be more active in any of the communities, because I made that promise a couple times in the fall of 2019, but nothing actually changed. My hope is that this post will spark some of that joy that I previously had and push me back into regular interactions and posts, but only time will tell.