Creating an NGinx Directory Index for Image and File Hosting

Due to Phil’s post on his wiki about Self Hosting Images I reached out to him how he had set it up and then realized I had already done something similar but forgot about it. So without further explanation I’m listing out the steps I took to set up the NGinx Directory Index Listing. On a DigitalOcean droplet (or any Ubuntu/Linux VPS) already set up with Nginx (if you need instructions for setting up NGinx Firewall access, follow steps 12-14 here), follow these steps:

Monica CRM Experiment

Monica CRM was a very interesting experiment but it won’t last. TheBrain makes better connections for people, plus the notes and attachments are great in TheBrain but in Monica were a bit tedious to maintain. I like the interface and with some basic improvements it would do great. At this point in time I don’t think it is at a point where I can move everything from DEVONthink and TheBrain into Monica.

App Spring Cleaning and Ranting

Finally, I tired of the entire process and burned it down. I am starting fresh. From Jack Baty’s State of the System – Spring 2019 I’ve been experiencing this but for different reasons. The past few months TheBrain development has failed to fix multiple issues related to laggy UI, buggy note taking, and a Windows update issue that has plagued them for the last three months. The Windows update requires you to download the update but not install it.

Browsing Privacy

I’ve recently gone all in on privacy related to my browsing habits. I’ve switched to Brave for my browser and use DuckDuckGo for my search engine with fall back to Wikipedia via Bangs. Brave is a Chrominium based browser and therefore has the entire Chrome extensions library available while also respecting your privacy. It isn’t as resource intensive as Chrome on macOS, but Safari is still far better. Unfortunately, I keep finding more and more sites that have issues on Safari that don’t occur in Brave.

BrainBox Shortcuts

TheBrain’s BrainBox is a great new feature in version 10. Think of BrainBox as a global inbox for TheBrain. On the desktop, you can add files to it, and in browsers, you can add URLs. Unfortunately, it falls short on iOS in capturing in different applications and different data types. I’ve created two shortcuts to compensate for the inability to capture URLs anywhere but Safari or Safari web view.

Rise and Fall of Evernote

Ahead of Its Time, Behind the Curve: Why Evernote Failed to Realize Its Potential → This is a great read, listing all the steps Evernote took to lead it to where it currently is situated. I loved Evernote in the beginning and used it for some years, and then I encountered a bug that showed about a quarter of my notes as empty. I immediately left for DEVONthink and haven’t looked back.

Keyboard Maestro and Drafts

Posting on macOS with Keyboard Maestro and Drafts So far on the Drafts for Mac version, I’ve been using Keyboard Maestro in the absence of actions. It has worked pretty well, although I’ve found if the macro edits the draft, then it needs to save the version for it to export correctly. One of my favorite macros is posting to my blog. It’s a straightforward action, based on keystrokes and pauses, but it creates an almost frictionless posting solution.


I have a constant back and forth with sharing tools. I previously used Droplr, but they abandoned their iOS app (recently re-released but no better than the previous version), the website is abysmal, and support took almost a week to get a response, on to CloudApp I went. Last January I received a promotion from Smile Software for $20 off CloudApp’s yearly subscription plus 6GB of bandwidth per file, so I signed up.

Return to Sublime Text

In January I asked the community a question about writing apps for Windows. I received many great suggestions and tried almost everything that was suggested finally ending up with Sublime Text. My Journey I’ve fallen in love with Sublime Text multiple times over the years, but then I would find a new note-taking app which draws me away ending with forgetting about Sublime Text for months, or in this last instance a year and a half.

Creating an Online TiddlyWiki on DigitalOcean

TiddlyWiki is a Wiki software that you can run a few different ways including locally only, online, or syncing a local wiki to an online wiki. You can see examples of online TiddlyWiki’s here: - My Wiki - Jack Baty’s Wiki - Phil Nunnally’s Wiki - h0p3’s Wiki - The following tutorial will be an explanation on how to create a TiddlyWiki on a DigitalOcean droplet. Initial Setup Sign into DigitalOcean or create an account then create a Ubuntu 18.