Keychron K1 Thoughts

Recently a few different people who bought the Keychron K1 have not been impressed with the keyboard. For example, Shawn Blanc had an issue with the light changing key placement due to: The first few days I had this keyboard I accidentally toggled the light mode about every 100 words. Which is not great. I also triggered the change and had to toggle through the different light modes until I returned, but I liked it because I found another mode better suited to my needs.

Writing with iA Writer

Based on recommendations from this thread on I’ve been using iA Writer for the last week for my Markdown writing on Windows. For a couple days I used Sublime Text with Markdown Extended and Monokai Extended, rounded out with WordCount so I can see character count. It worked until I realized that I wanted something that was quick to open and start typing, which is exactly what iA Writer does best.